Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birthday Card #1!!!

Here is the very 1st Birthday Card made with my E. 

I made this one for my husband's Aunt who is more like a sister to both of us.  I used the Plantin schoolbook cartridge for the whole thing.  I recently purchased the Cricut Design Studio so I was able to weld Happy Birthday together and I added some little stickies under it to add some depth to the card. 

For the inside I just added a large layered flower because I printed out a little saying and glued it inside. 

I also personalized the envelope because I am going to be making a drive by delivery to her mailbox and I wanted to make sure they knew it was for Amy. 

Here is a peak of the card and envelope together.  I am so happy with the way this turned out.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A blogger in need!!!!!!!!

Good day to all out there.  I am writing this blog to try and help a blogger I follow get her wish.  Layla over at The Lettered Cottage is trying extremely hard to get to the Blissdom Conference in Nashville next month.  She doesn't have a problem getting there but what she does have a problem with is paying 300.00 for a ticket to get in. 

So what she has done is entered in a blog post contest.  In order to win she must compose a blog about living life to the fullest and whomever has the most comments under their blog wins a ticket to the conference. 

Now that you've read up to here you probably know what I'm going to ask.....Please go over to the link posted here and leave her a comment so she can get her ticket!!!!

Thanks a Bunch and I know Layla would thank you as well!!!!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here goes nothing!!!

Here it is!!! My very 1st project with my Cricut Expression.

Because I wasn't all that pleased with my initial card I decided to work on something small.  Something to maybe boost my confidence.

I must say I am pretty pleased!!!! 

The next one was a boo boo that I made work.  When I was cutting the decorative paper I didn't calculate very well and it cut off the very edge of it.  Instead of throwing it away I decided to make it work.  I covered with leaves and a flower.  Goo Mee!!!

Here is a picture of all of the one's I created today.  I am really excited because I had them done in no time.  All of these were made with the Plantin Schoolbook and Serenade Cartridge. 

I hope I have inspired just one of my readers.  If so my job for the day is done.

Participating in Make Your Monday Mclinky event!!
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I must begin by saying Happy New Year to all and I hope your year is all that you've imagined thus far.  I know for me 2009 was a bit rough with family sickness and death.  I am truly hoping that 2010 is  a better year.

Well as I said before I received a Cricut Expression for Christmas from my parents and it has been a little challenging.  The infomercials sure do make it look so easy to whip something out and in no time flat they have the cutest new design.

I am NOT so lucky.  Here is my first project.  I was going to make my very first card for my SIL on her wedding.  You may ask "Why black?"  Well that was the color of her bridesmaid dresses. 

I must admit this looks much better in the photo than it does in person.  The problem I have is that..well I just don't know what to do on the inside.  I'm not very good at being creative for one thing and maybe I'm just now very confident in myself.  Another issue I have is that some of the cartridges are just a little pricey so I am a little hesitant when it comes to increasing my cartridge collection. 

If anyone knows where I could get cartridges for a discounted price PLEASE let me know.  It's pretty liminting when you only have 2 cartridges. 

I almost forgot....I didn't give her the card, I bought one!!  ;o(