Sunday, November 8, 2009


I must begin by apologizing because I have been gone for some time now. Life has been a bit trying this past month or so and as for before then well I've just been slacking. To get you up to date with me...I'll keep it short.

Our shed is coming a long quite well. My hubby has been working very long hours to get it all to his liking. He is doing lots of work himself...thank god...he's saving us loads of money by doing this himself.

As for this past month or so life has been kind of rough. A little bit of history: My brother at the age of 5 was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma. I at the time was 8 years old. He underwent 3 years of chemo and radiation and at the age of 8 was put into remission. He is now 23 years old and up until a month ago was doing wonderful. A while back he began waking up every morning with a headache. He would take advil like most of us would and go about his day. Then he noticed that they were slowly getting worse and a little more often than just in the morning. As time went on I told my mom that I noticed his eyes were kind of bulging. Kind of like someone who has thyroid issues. She said she had noticed it to and that he had an oncology check up coming up and would bring it to his attention. Well the day of the check up Jason told his Oncologist that he had been having headaches and he noticed his eyesight was beginning to blur. The Dr. ordered an MRI to be done on the Friday of the same week of his appointment. He went in the Friday did the MRI at about 3 in the afternoon and by 4 he was being admitted into the hospital because a tumor the size of a hardball was discovered in his head. At this point our worse nightmare has come back..all we think of is "The CANCER is back!" Later on that evening after many doctors made their rounds it was determined that this was a Meningioma. This is a tumor that develops as a side effect of having radiation as a child. They are saying that it's about a 95% chance that this is not cancer. Wow...that was a huge sign of relief. After a few procedures and 9 1/2 hours of brain surgery the tumor has been removed as of Oct. 20th. He is doing much better, however, his R eye is still swollen with no vision. He is dealing with this probably like any one of us would. He has his ups and downs but is actually getting around. We aren't sure why his vision has been affected in his R eye but we're hoping and praying that it comes back in time. All prayers are very much welcomed and greatly appreciated. My family and I believe that prayers and strong faith is what helped him survive cancer as a child and is what will get us through this leg of his journey through life.