Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

Ouch....absolutely! How did this happen you ask? Well I must start by saying this had nothing to do with my wonderful husband.

This whole excusion began when the hospital I work for put an all women's softball team together. One of the girls approached me asking me if I would be interested in playing and after a bit of a mental tug of war with myself I agreed. As I said yes I also made it very clear that I hadn't played in nearly 15 years. She assured me that all of the rest of the team was pretty much saying the same thing.

So here goes nothing we played our 1st game on July 13th. Well it was quite interesting in the fact that we had only had 2 practices and most of us hadn't played in years. Needless to say we lost to a team that plays extremely well and has been playing for years. During this particular game 2 of us busted our butts running so I'm sure "Look at these bunch of goofballs" is what was going through the other teams minds.

We left this game saying "'s our first game we're just nervous. Wednesday will be better!"

You can probably guess how the Wed., the next Monday and Wed. went. Yes NOT GOOD!!!

We have lost every single game we have played however, we are getting better at bat and have made a few double plays.

So, our 2 pitchers on our team were both on vacation at the same time and so they turn to me and say "Didn't you pitch when you were youger?" I say yeah thinking in the back of my mind "Oh lord it has been forever...I really hope I can remember!" While also thinking it's got to kind of be like riding a bike...It just kind of comes back to you. WRONG!!!!

I get to the park a little early to practice pitching and low and behold it went better than I thought. I tell the girl catching for me that's enough because I was throwing strike after strike. I felt ready.

Well I get to the field we are playing on and the darn pitchers mound is closer to the plate than the other field I was practicing on and I just can't seem to find the sweet spot. As time went on it got better and we still loss.

So how the bruise you ask? This past Wednesday night I was pitching for hopefully the last time of the season and here comes a line drive straight to the bicep with a deflection to short stop by my chest.

Like my husband says "She took it like a champ!!!" Did it hurt? Absolutely...but I definetly couldn't let anyone see the pain in my face so I brushed it off and struck out the next batter. HAA!!! I always get even.

So as you can see this is what I am left with. A beautiful bruise in lovely shades of red, purple, blue and soon to be green and a putrid yellow.

And Monday I'll be going back for more....